What is The Quayside Review? (TQR)

To put it simply: my name is Lauren and I love movies.

When friends used to ask me “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MOVIE?!” the most common answer was no. And I was getting sick of it. So in 2019, I made it my mission to watch 52 films I’d never seen before (one for every week of the year). However, I found myself really falling in love with cinema towards the end of the year, and I managed to watch 88 movies in total by December 31st.

For 2020, I set a target of 100 new movies, and by the time I started The Quayside Review on February 4th 2020, I had already watched 24. As I said: I love movies.

After increasing the 2020 target to 250 films, I ended the year with a total of 367 ‘first watches’. It sounds insane, but clearly the COVID-19 pandemic left me with a lot of free time on my hands.

What did I learn from this? Setting a numerical target is bloody pointless. So, from hereon in, I will begin each year with Movie #1, and simply watch as much (or as little) as I feel like watching. I believe that is what they call ”winging it.”

Why “The Quayside Review”?

In 2016, I relocated to Manchester from Birmingham. And whilst I live in Manchester City Centre, my address is technically associated with the City of Salford. So here I am, sitting in Salford, typing this sentence. And now you know.

Anyway, I needed somewhere to really spill out my thoughts on all these movies I was watching. Some of them bad, some of them good… but I’m going to try and write something here for every movie I see for the first time. Not interested? That’s fine. But if you are, I hope you enjoy.