What is The Quayside Review? (TQR)

To put it simply: my name is Lauren and I love movies.

When friends used to ask me “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MOVIE?!” the most common answer was no. And I was getting sick of it. So in 2019, I made it my mission to watch 52 films I’d never seen before (one for every week of the year). However, I found myself really falling in love with cinema towards the end of the year, and I managed to watch 88 movies in total by December 31st.

For 2020, I set myself a target of 100 new movies, and by the time I started this blog on February 4th 2020, I had already watched 24. As I said: I love movies.

*Edit*: As I write this sentence, it is April 4th 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has truly kicked in. As a result, I’ve gone nuts on film and I’ve had to increase my target of 100 new movies with immediate effect. I’m well on my way to watching 100 movies before this week is over, so I will now be aiming to review 250 movies in the year 2020.

*Another Edit!*: As I write this sentence, it is August 13th 2020 and I have long surpassed my 250 movie target. So, upon re-assessment, I have decided that setting a specific numerical target is bloody pointless. Let’s just see how many new films I can watch, shall we?

Why “The Quayside Review”?

In 2016, I relocated to Manchester from Birmingham. And whilst I live in Manchester City Centre, my address is technically associated with the City of Salford. So here I am, sitting in Salford, typing this sentence. And now you know.

Anyway, I needed somewhere to really spill out my thoughts on all these movies I was watching. Some of them bad, some of them good… but I’m going to try and write something here for every movie I see for the first time. Not interested? That’s fine. But if you are, I hope you enjoy.