Movie #15 2020: Identity (2003)

John Cusack as Ed and Amanda Peet as Paris

This is a movie that has been on my watchlist for so many years. And then I watched Ford v Ferrari and realised that James Mangold is an absolutely brilliant director of so many genres, so it was time to actually get on it.

It’s pretty difficult to review this one without getting too involved in spoilers so I’ll give it my best shot…

There are a bunch of twists and turns in Identity, but unfortunately I was really pissed off at how stupid one of the main plot points was. Here I was thinking there’d be some smart, exciting answer to this serial killer murder mystery nonsense, yet instead I just felt like I was watching the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where the lead character is convinced she’s in a psych ward. (Again, I can’t fully explain this without giving too much away, so do with that what you will).

What’s more is, I called the killer very early on and, judging by other reviews I’ve read, so did a lot of other people. When it comes to a Whodunnit?, surely the aim is to keep your audience fooled. Somehow, Michael Cooney (writer) managed to fool absolutely no one. It was too obvious, sadly. I mean come on, guy. I waited years to watch this and that’s how you repay my patience?

So what did I enjoy? Well, I cannot fault the charming, HD-less camera techniques of the early 2000s. It was grainy, gritty, and gripping because of this alone. Oh, and Ray Liotta is there. A movie simply cannot be below average when Liotta is present.

There are better murder movies, for sure. And this one was just okay.

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