Movie #30 2020: John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)

Here we are, back with our favourite soulful assassin John.

The first sequel in the John Wick franchise, Chapter 2 actually manages to live up to it’s predecessor. In fact, I actually kind of found this instalment more gripping, but entertainment-wise, it was pretty much on par.

When I first watched the movie (22 days before writing this entry), I made a note of not minding the cliffhanger because I’m so late to the John Wick party that I can just watch Parabellum whenever I want. However since then, I’ve managed to forget what the cliffhanger actually was. And it has now inspired me to add a new category to the TQR ratings: plot.

The plot has clearly not stayed with me judging by the last paragraph, although I’m sure it was perfectly fine.

Unfortunately there was one thing I absolutely loathed about this sequel and that is Ruby Rose. Thankfully, they opted to make her character deaf so you hear very little of her pain-inducing voice. Look, I realise that there was some big, weird demand for Rose back in 2017 (probably the fault of Netflix for casting her in Orange is the New Black), but her character was just absolutely unnecessary. Evidently I am a huge advocate of women in film, but come on, she’s a model, not an actress. I understand the pressure in the entertainment business to include women in everything, but there must have been some other way to do this. Maybe casting a woman who can actually act would be a start. I detested her presence so much that I’d actually have been more than fine if Common and Laurence Fishburne were the only supporting cast. (There was also a ridiculous gratuitous shot of her backside at one point that made me burst out laughing).

Other than that shot, there were some visuals in this that were absolutely stunning. There’s a scene including a burning house featuring an onlooking Mr. Wick that was actually beautiful cinematography, but the action sequences this time round were not as striking as the franchise’s debut movie. Still good, but nowhere near as memorable. (With the possible exception of the scene in the hall of mirrors…)

In lieu of this, there was still enough in this movie for me to like. I will still be watching the third instalment when I’m in the mood for a pure, modern action thriller.

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