Movie #40 2020: Raw (2016)

What can I say except what the fuck?

On my current binge of World Cinema, I stumbled across this absolute mind fuck of a movie.

It centres on a young girl who has just made it to University, joining her sister in her quest to become a vet. Sounds boring, right? Well… Then you clearly haven’t watched it.

Suddenly, Raw becomes a tale of impulsive cannibalism. You heard me correctly.

It’s hard for me to review this movie adequately, because I’m just at a loss for words. Aside from the main characters’ performances being excellent, and the visuals being visceral and at times gory, Raw is utterly mind boggling.

I have no idea at all what Julia Ducournau was thinking, although I can tell you that this movie was well shot and edited, so bravo for that at least.

Thankfully, my next dive into French cinema (Portrait of a Lady on Fire) was much more successful, but unlike Celine Sciamma‘s emphatic triumph of a movie, this is not one I’m going to recommend to many.

Reading other reviews for this one is very confusing to me, as it seems to receive glowing recommendations from the majority of critics. However, the way it never really establishes genre is weird and difficult… Is it a horror movie? Is this a coming of age movie? A thriller? Drama? Is the whole movie a metaphor for something else? I literally, in no way, shape or form, have the slightest clue.


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