Movie #42 2020: Gemini (2017)

This is a weird choice of movie for me. So why did I pick it? Well…

  1. It was on Sky Cinema, so therefore I’ve technically already paid for it.
  2. Zoe Kravitz.
  3. I thought it was time to pick some lesser known art-house style movies that were generally average to low rated, so why not? It seems as though so many of the movies I have chosen to watch this year are big-budgeted blockbusters, but what’s the point in only reviewing movies you know you’re going to like?

Fortunately, this was more on the average side of things. I can’t use the phrase ”I enjoyed this movie”, but it definitely wasn’t a complete disaster either.

The first act was actually the biggest triumph of the film. It absolutely sucked me in with it’s focus on the murder mystery genre, but then again, could that just purely be because I like the genre? Without giving too much away, my first thought was ”not enough Zoe Kravitz”. My second thought was ”…or is there?” It was truly the most interesting and attention-grabbing part of the movie.

Secondly, some of the panoramic shots of the cities in which this movie are set were absolutely breathtaking. The sequences involving Japan were particularly gorgeous, and it is those scenes which I suppose inspired the movie poster with it’s deep violet and lilac tones. (Although, now I think about it, I’m not sure any of this movie was actually filmed in Japan…)

Performances on the whole were relatively decent. Lola Kirke is infinitely less annoying than her sister (HBO’s Girls‘, Jemima Kirke), and Ricki Lake makes a fun appearance. Of course Kravitz is as melancholy and apathetic as ever, which is just the way we like her.

Somehow – and quite pleasantly surprising for me – I didn’t actually see the plot twist coming! It ended up being the thing I was most thankful for for a variety of reasons, and it served as a device to keep the whole plot from fizzling out so early.

Unfortunately, Gemini‘s downfall is in the fact that it does end up fizzling out eventually. The plot, it’s characters, and the whole point of the movie fades out into nothingness, and suddenly just ends without much of a meaningful resolve.

A bit like this review, it just… ends.

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