Movie #65 2020: Hustlers (2019)

Yes, J.Lo, I am so in.

Hallelujah! A movie made by women for women! Even better, a movie made by women, for women, that doesn’t pander or make any political statements or try to appeal to men in any way!

Look, I love films about men. The Prestige, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs, The Shining, Remember the Titans, Inglorious Basterds… These are some of my favourite movies… and they’re all about men! I’m not saying films about men are bad. All I’m saying is WHERE ARE THE FILMS ABOUT WOMEN? Even better, where are the films about women that aren’t rom-coms or musicals?

Well look no further. Hustlers is here to save you.

This is a movie that is unapologetic. It portrays its characters as complexly as women are in real life: sometimes villainous, sometimes cute, sometimes depressed, sometimes sexy… And it’s about time.

Hustlers has a very strong plot line – albeit being based on a true story – and doesn’t get boring for a single second. I have to admit that there was a section of the film that involved some of the main characters having kids, so I expected it to go downhill from there… But it didn’t! It maintained its focus, and kept flowing extremely well. Every scene within it is necessary and perfectly placed.

Although I can’t get on board with the ”J.Lo should have been nominated for the Oscar” conversation, she is still very good. Constance Wu also gives a very underrated performance, and I actually think she was better when it comes down to it. Nevertheless, the entire ensemble was brilliant. (I wish there was more Lizzo though!)

I’m not saying this is to be considered some sort of epic saga/Gone With the Wind classic. What it is is extremely well-executed, filled with fun and drama, and a strong piece of cinema.

Now I’m desperately awaiting Lorene Scafaria‘s next feature…

Hustlers is coming to Amazon Prime Video in the UK on April 3rd. (That’s tomorrow!!!)

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