Movie #83 2020: Fast Five (2011)

Yeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwwwwww! Finally a Fast & Furious movie that is genuinely a good movie!

Fast Five is, without doubt, the best movie in the franchise so far. (Remember I am saying this before I’ve seen the sixth/seventh/eighth movies).

Everything about this instalment is better than its predecessors. Not only does it have an actual, well-structured and therefore better plot, but it has what I’ve been saying Fast needed more of since the beginning: more car chases! It’s like the people who made this movie read my reviews and said ”we got you, Lauren”. I know that’s ridiculous, but it shows that Justin Lin saw the flaws in Fast 4 and became very aware of what needed to be done to improve.

The introduction of an Ocean’s Eleven style heist also amped up the excitement, creating real tension that previous Fast films missed the mark on. Not only that but, you guys, this movie comes with added Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Want to make your movie better? Just add Dwayne. Everyone else should take note.

Although Johnson stars as new character Luke Hobbs, the gang get back together once again in this movie, which means it avoids any danger of being as bad as Tokyo Drift. In a way, when the characters all banded back together at the start, it reminded me a little of Avengers Assemble, albeit on a smaller scale. Of course, these movies will never be as good as the MCU, but it’s cute that they drew some inspiration from it.

So far, this is by far the most cinematic movie in the franchise. The stunts are infinitely more impressive than they have been in the past (with Jack Gill coming in to coordinate some of them), and you can absolutely tell it was made on a hefty $125 million budget.

Although I was always going to complete the franchise, this film gave me hope for the rest of them. I just hope that my hope isn’t wasted.

Fast Five is available to stream on Sky Go/Cinema and NowTV.

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