Movie #101 2020: The Hunt (2020)

Time for another one of those ”straight to digital streaming” movies for you now!

The Hunt did briefly get a cinema release, until that bitch Corona came along and ruined it. This is the film that got put on hold because of various shootings in the USA. Good old America. It is also the film that got put on hold because some far-right ‘snowflakes’ didn’t like the movie ‘disrespecting’ them.

What I don’t understand is why Trump and those people mentioned above would even try and get this banned? It literally showcases everyone being a huge dick, both left and right. Some left-leaning people have apparently spoken out against it too, claiming it trivialises their ideas and makes them look ridiculous. You’re damn right it does! It’s meant to be an over-exaggeration of extreme viewpoints! No one is really going out there and creating real life political Hunger Games, are they?! IT’S A MOVIE. Basically, despite apparently being a ”leftie”, I somehow managed to not take offence to this and saw it for its entertainment value. And you can too! I’m rooting for you!

Anyway, back to the actual quality of the movie. Betty Gilpin just gets better and better in everything she’s in. I first took note of her in Nurse Jackie, then she found Netflix fame in GLOW, and now her talent has been noticed further afield and she’s been given the lead in a movie. Go, Betty! She actually does very well at carrying the whole movie, especially with her comedic timing and insane physical ability. She’s basically the Buffy Summers of Mississippi in this film and I am here for it.

The issue that I – and many others have – with this, is that although there is an attempt to send a message, they don’t go far enough with it. It’s almost as if the overriding theme is stuck somewhere between spoof and serious. If it’s a spoof, then it needed to be more ridiculous. If it’s serious, it needed to be more serious. On the spoof front however, they nailed it in the corner store sequences. I won’t spoil it but that shit is funny.

They could have also done without brushing the twist at the end to one side so abruptly. It’s like the main character (Gilpin) reveals that she read Animal Farm one time, so everything clicks into place and that’s that. The gist was there, but the idea wasn’t developed enough.

Towards the end of the movie, we get a big, ridiculous, action-tastic fight between Gilpin’s character and Hilary Swank, which made the entire film worth it for me. It was genuinely entertaining, and downright hilarious. This was another spoof-y concept they got correct when by poking fun at how unrealistic and over the top fight scenes in movies can be. I have no shame in enjoying this part of the movie.

Is this worth the £15.99 it costs to currently rent on the Sky Store? Well, if there were 4 of you and you were going to pay to go to the cinema to see it, then yes. But I expect that that’s not the case. Basically, just wait until it goes down to £5 or less.

The Hunt is available to rent (as a new release) for £15.99 on most streaming services including Amazon, the Sky Store and Google Play store.

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