Movie #173 2020: A League Of Their Own (1992)

Thank GOD for this movie.

After the shit show that was Vault (2019), I was all about ready to curl up into a ball and never watch a movie again. But this movie is perfect.

A League of Their Own is a true story, based on the all-female league that transpired due to young men being drafted into the military in the Second World War. Two sisters (Geena Davis and Lori Petty) are hired in the league to play for the Rockford Peaches, and are coached by a former MLB player – and now alcoholic – played by Tom Hanks. This is the story of what happened when the league was formed, and how their first season played out.

First, let me just preface this review with WOMEN ARE THE BEST. WHAT THE FUCK. People criticise this movie for over-hyping the old ‘wow, women can do all the things men can do!’ bollocks, but this was 1992, guys. That message was one that was still not considered to be true back then. I don’t even need feminism after this movie. It solved all of my problems. (I’m kidding, obviously, but this movie must be what re-booted feminism after the initial wave. And I’m not kidding about that). 

In my review for the documentary This Changes Everything, I put it out there that Geena Davis was my hero. Well, this only reinforces that statement. As a viewer, you can absolutely tell that she knows how important this movie would be to women of all ages, and she plays her part as Dottie to perfection. The other stand-out performance here – which was most surprising to me – was Rosie O’Donnell. She was hilarious, and executed her role with gusto and a smattering of humorous ad-libbing, so she managed to keep the tone much lighter than it would have been were she not to have starred. Oh, and Madonna wasn’t bad either! This is one of the best ensembles I have seen all year in a movie, especially the women.

I love when a sports movie is actually packed with the sport that’s at its forefront – this movie doesn’t waste much time actually getting to the baseball and I freakin’ love that about it. Some movies label themselves as ‘sports movies’ but then don’t really show you any of the actual action. As a baseball fan, this was exciting for me to watch, and as a woman, it filled me with pride knowing that this story is one based in truth. Sometimes the plot can be a little obvious, but it was all so gripping that it made no difference. Plus, if the story is a retelling of real life, there’s not really much you can change beyond its dialogue without sacrificing its authenticity.

Simply put, I knew I would like this movie. But I didn’t know that I would love this movie. Even the National Film Registry deemed it so culturally relevant that they gave it some love and selected it for their archive too, so that’s pretty cool.

Of course I would recommend this movie to everyone, but especially young girls. Strong female role models? There are 30 of them right here.

A League of Their Own is available to rent on Google Play and other various streaming services for £2.49 – an absolute steal.

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