Movie #210 2020: The Wedding Singer (1998)

Told you I was going to watch more classic romcom types, didn’t I? Well, I’ve decided to give the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore trio of movies a go, as even though I am a huge fan of Barrymore and her work, I’ve somehow not seen any of them.

If you’re not already aware, The Wedding Singer is about… a wedding singer. Sandler portrays the title role; a young man named Robbie who is unlucky in love, but loves nothing more than entertaining at weddings with his band to help couples celebrate their big day. He spots Barrymore’s Julia, who has just started her new waitressing job at the reception venue, and instantly takes a shine to her. Sadly for him, she’s engaged to a rich, handsome dude, but he sets out to help her plan her wedding anyway, as he can’t stay away from her.

First of all, this movie is so BRIGHT. Without even double checking the release date, The Wedding Singer is so evidently a child of the nineties, and I love that about it. Whilst I write this, it’s so dull and grey outside, and the political landscape is even bleaker than that. Thinking about The Wedding Singer brings a little brightness and fun to my day, and I don’t even have it in front of me.

Of course you’d expect a movie about a singer to have a great soundtrack, but this is excellent. Billy Idol and Culture Club make an appearance in the first 20 minutes alone, and as the time goes on we get a hurl of other great artists thrown our way, including The Cure, Nena, and The Smiths. Not to mention a cameo from Billy Idol himself later down the line. Top marks for the music department, as they really help set the tone for the entire movie.

The cast is filled with big names, but it’s some of the smaller ones that really caught my attention. Shout outs go to the hilarious Alexis Arquette as George, and Ellen Rose Albertini as Rosie who ended up being my fave character. Her performance of Rapper’s Delight (at the age of 85, no less) was the highlight of the movie. Drew Barrymore is the best no matter what she does, so I don’t need to say much else on that. 

Yeah, so the plot is super obvious and I was hoping for more com to match the rom, but it’s still a fun movie. It’s easy to see why this was a hit when it came out, even if the world was in far less need for some extra joy back then. Not only are the big names a huge draw, the guys love Sandler whilst the girls love a rom-com, so its success is not a mystery despite the story being less than original.

Did I prefer Never Been Kissed? Yes. But The Wedding Singer isn’t without its charm. The ending is cheesy but in a cute Say Anything type of way and Adam Sandler is actually pretty good in this one so… wind it in, Sandler haters.

Onto 50 First Dates we go!

The Wedding Singer is available to rent on Amazon for £3.49 in the UK.

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