Movie #255 2020: Murder Mystery (2019)

It’s difficult to figure out where to start with this one, chiefly because I remember very little about it. That sentence alone shouldgive away where this review is going.

Murder Mystery is yet another Adam Sandler Netflix movie, about – you guessed it – a murder mystery. Sandler plays a New York cop, humorously named Officer Spitz, who has fallen into a rut. His wife (played by Jennifer Aniston) is, in short, fed up with their lives, complaining that they never do anything special together and strongly hints that she’d like to go on vacation. Sandler’s Spitz begrudgingly grants her wish, and through a chain of unlikely events, they accidentally end up on the yacht of a billionaire in Europe. After an untimely death occurs on the boat, the Spitzes wrongly find themselves the prime suspects in a murder case, and they take it upon themselves to solve the murder. Think Cluedo, but on a boat.

Laden with sub-par jokes, this is probably the most unnecessary movie I’ve seen in a while, but I won’t lie, I did laugh a fair few times at this. Just don’t ask me what I laughed at because, again, I don’t remember very much of this movie. If you’re wondering whether or not this is just another excuse for Sandler to go on vacation a la 50 First Dates or Blended, then the answer is yes. I imagine the production process to go something like this:

Sandler: I’m in need of a break.

Screenplay Writer: Want me to write another one of those vapid, hollow comedy scripts and base it in a different country so the studio will pay you to go to Thailand?

Sandler: I’m so happy you can take a hint.

On the subject of hollow, average writing, the plot to this is not only basic, but poorly paced. In sum, it takes way too long to get to the point of it all. That is, if there was even a point in the first place. However, it’s funny enough to restrict boredom so at least the comedy part of it excels… mostly.

It’s commonly known that I’m probably one of the 3 people on the planet who didn’t enjoy Knives Out, and whilst this isn’t as well made in the slightest, I found it just as entertaining if not more so. At least this is a true murder mystery, rather than telling us who the murderer is almost immediately. (One of the main gripes that I had with Knives.) Sure, the plot is barely there, but at least there’s some sleuthing going on, and that’s a positive.

Not exactly Aniston or Sandler’s finest hours, but the secondary cast are actually pretty great. Gemma Arterton is particularly fun as the over-hyperbolised fancy English snob, and there are a bunch of other big names in there too who clearly also fancied a trip through the riviera.

Yes, this movie is entirely stupid. But at least it’s fairly entertaining stupidity. An easy watch, but by no means groundbreaking in any way, shape or form. Even so, the funny parts really are funny, so it could definitely be worse.

As you may have gathered by now, I don’t actually remember the majority of what goes on in Murder Mystery other than having some brief flashbacks of David Walliams in a tuxedo. If there was one word to describe this film, it would be ‘forgettable’, so it feels rude to rate it any higher than 2 Qs… but I also can’t remember it being bad enough to give it a singular Q either, so two it shall be.

Murder Mystery is available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

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