Movie #315 2020: The Others (2001)

Yes, it’s November 18th, 2020, but we are still in the spooky period at The Quayside Review. Bear with me here because there are still a few more horror movies to come…

The Others is considered by some to be a classic nowadays. Starring Nicole Kidman in the lead role of Grace, the movie revolves around her and her two children who live in a very old house in the English countryside. The children have a rare disease which means they are sensitive to direct sunlight, and so Grace shields them with a variety of curtains and by locking them into rooms lit only by artificial light. Before long, the family become acutely aware that the house in which they live is haunted. With the help of her housekeepers, Grace works to figure out exactly who is haunting them.

Firstly, this is not a horror movie. This is a spooky dramatic thriller, entwined with an acting masterclass from Nicole Kidman. And that’s final. Don’t let the movie poster fool you.

Set in the past, you won’t be surprised to find that the set decoration and costuming in The Others is top notch. The lighting – which is it’s a character in its own right – is perfect, and everything that is seen is meticulously placed in order to draw the viewer’s eye. It’s all very artistic and only adds to the atmosphere.

If you know anything about The Others at all, it’s that there’s a pretty hefty plot twist coming your way. However, I wish I didn’t know that before watching. It’s an incredibly slow burn throughout but it’s almost as if the anticipation of the plot twist ruined it because I knew something was coming… Difficult to explain, certainly, and I won’t discredit said twist, because it’s truly wonderful, but one can only imagine how gob-smacking it would be if you were unaware of it completely.

What makes this movie most effective? That flipping excellent score. Moody, emotive, and flooded with violins, which are basically obligatory when it comes to spooky thrillers. What more could you want? Just perfection in that regard.

There’s a lot to like about this movie, that’s for sure. I wasn’t exactly wowed by it, but Nicole’s performance alone makes it worth the watch. Not to mention the wonderful artistry of the set decoration and the atmosphere creation. Recommended, regardless of any gripes with the plot twist.

The Others is available to rent on Amazon for £2.49.

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