2021: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2020 is over! Hurrah!

Somehow, I managed to watch 367 movies that I’d not seen previously last year. Can I beat that number? Absolutely not. I won’t lie to you.

Setting a finite number to aim for is something that I’ve realised isn’t an option for this year – it takes the fun out of watching films, and becomes more of a tick box exercise than really enjoying what you’re watching.

So, for 2021, I will simply aim to watch as many ‘First Watches’ as I can, and continue to review them. Even if no one is reading, I will continue to do so for myself anyway. What a great hobby to have.

Anyway, it’s time for a break now. If for no other reason than to watch some new movies to kick 2021 off. I mean, how can I review my 2021 First Watches if I’ve not watched anything?!

For the next week or so, The Quayside Review will be on a break so that I can feast on some new content.

I wish you all nothing but good luck and fortune for the year ahead – let’s hope it’s better than the last!

Lauren x

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