Movie #157 2021: You’re Next (2011)

There’s something about horror movies in the summer that just hits different. Everyone knows that the prime time to watch them is at Halloween, but it’s not always October, sadly. I wish it was, but that’s a different conversation altogether. In summer though, it’s kind of jarring to watch a horror film while you’re a little bit sweaty and it’s still a little bit light outside, you know? Maybe it’s just me…

You’re Next is a pretty traditional horror slasher in every sense of the word. An Australian woman named Erin goes away with her boyfriend to his family’s holiday home, where she meets his parents and siblings. What begins as an averagely awkward first meeting transforms into something hellish when a masked killer begins picking off the family one by one. Erin refuses to go down without a fight however, and reveals that she has some survival skills under her belt.

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Not only did I watch this movie in the summer, but I also watched it at 9am on a Monday morning. Why the fuck not?! To be honest, I think it was just as effective at that time of day as it would have been on a brisk, autumn evening.

Overall, You’re Next is a pretty standard, formulaic home invasion horror. Whilst I appreciate the attempt to try and give them some backstory to help you give a shit before the characters get brutally murdered, all of them are so overwhelmingly unlikeable that it never really works. Thankfully, the one bearable person becomes the “final girl/guy” (no spoilers!) so all is not lost. 

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As far as predictability goes, this movie doesn’t make much attempt to curb it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not entertaining. Then, sometime in the mid-section, it makes a surprising left turn and throws in a pretty neat plot twist that makes it stand out amongst other movies in an over-saturated horror market. It’s not exactly mind-blowing, but it does add another dimension that will keep you on your toes. 

Something tells me that Adam Wingard, the film’s director, is a Scream fan. Whilst this one never quite reaches the heights of possibly the best slasher franchise of all time, it pays homage to it well. There are similarities in plot, has its own Sidney Prescott type character, and although the script is subpar, it’s not the worst horror movie I’ve ever seen. Namely because of that aforementioned plot twist.

Mostly, it’s average, don’t get me wrong. However, it’s easily one of the better horrors I’ve seen in recent times even if it’s not the most memorable. There’s a redeeming feature however in that it doesn’t overstay its welcome at a mere 95 minutes.

I enjoyed it! I just didn’t love it. Oh, and the soundtrack is super great.

You’re Next is available to rent on Amazon and the Google Play Store for £2.49 in the UK.

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Overall Rating: ½

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