Movie #17 2022: Jackass Forever (2022)

How do you even review a Jackass movie? Is it even a movie? Is it a documentary? Or is just a collection of ridiculous clips featuring a bunch of lovable dickheads? It’s all of the above, to be honest. What I did notice when seeing this in theatres is that it probably had the biggest audience of any movie I’ve seen so far this year, so it’s clear that there’s still an appetite to watch these idiots. And actually, it kind of warmed my heart a little.

When it comes down to it, Jackass Forever is more of the same. It’s still just Johnny Knoxville and his pals carrying out acts of stupidity… and it’s still just as brilliant. You can see so clearly that these guys (and a couple of women now!) are so buzzed to be back together and doing what they do best, even with the loss of one of their own in Ryan Dunn, who gets a beautiful dedication as the credits roll. Yes, this is just a bunch of clips of dudes doing stupid shit, but it’s so joyous that it doesn’t matter.

What I’m saying is: You were all correct. This is a cinematic masterpiece. 

Rooted mostly in nostalgia, my feelings towards Jackass Forever are nothing but positive. You may have already noticed that. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much during a 90 minute time frame in a cinema maybe ever and that’s exactly what the adults of this world are in need of. Seeing all of these fools still having the best time after all these years just can’t be beaten, and judging by the reactions of the others in the theatre, everyone else agrees with that sentiment.

Of course the nature of Jackass is to have no structure, so it’s kind of difficult to review the filmmaking itself when it comes to a movie like this. I have to commend the cameramen though, who are always in the right place at the right time, and one of my favourite moments actually came with one of them throwing up in his own face mask. It was disgusting… and it was perfect

It’s really hard to pinpoint which parts of this were the most memorable because there’s genuinely not a dull moment. Something I’ll remember forever though? Ehren’s face when they released a real live bear into the room. That whole sequence is comedy gold and I can’t wait to see it again. Plus, the opening – starring a giant penis painted to look like a dinosaur – is so cinematic in it’s own disgusting way. Like, was that Jalen Ramsey? Yes, yes it was.

Overall? I had a fantastic time and this really hit the spot. Jackass Forever is stupid, ridiculous, over the top, dangerous… everything you want it to be. It’s tough to rate, in all honesty, but I loved it all the same.

Jackass Forever is currently screening in most cinemas across the UK.

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Performance: n/a
Costume & Set Design: n/a
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