Movie #90 2022: Falling for Christmas (2022)

Yup, it’s that time! The time when everything pumpkin and Dracula related turns into that Mariah Carey meme. You know what I’m getting at: it’s Holiday Season! Is it a little too early? Not at all, because today is the day that Lindsay Lohan makes her much-anticipated (by the gays, anyway) return to cinema. Or Netflix, at least.

This synopsis feels like it will come in more useful than usual too, since this film only dropped on Netflix TODAY, and I certainly had no idea what it was about before I delved in. All I knew was that Ms. Lohan was back and that was enough for me. However, like most cheesy Christmas flicks, there is somewhat of a storyline that goes with it, and this one is no different.

In this festive tale, Lohan plays heiress Sierra Belmont, who is due to be married to the trendiest influencer in town, Tad (George Young). One day though, things take a turn during a skiing accident, which sees Sierra take a tumble down a snowy mountain, leaving her with total amnesia. She’s rescued by charming local ski lodge owner Jake (Chord Overstreet), who then tries to help her return to her normal self.

Okay, not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet: Lindsay Lohan is BACK and has there ever been a better Christmas gift than that? Truly, she is back in a big way, and she’s out here proving why she was (and is) such a big star back in her day.

Look, I’ve watched a lot of terrible, cringeworthy Christmas films in my time, so I’m accustomed to spectacular amounts of cheese. However, in the grand scheme of Hallmark movies past, Falling For Christmas is actually more than bearable. Of course the story is super predictable and there’s very little you won’t see coming, but it’s actually really… charming? Plus it doesn’t hurt that there are one or two truly funny moments – I genuinely laughed several times! (There’s one part with a raccoon that is so simple, yet I couldn’t help myself.)

Here’s what this film has that other similar ones don’t: actual star power. The thing is, Lohan backs up her charisma here with something that you rarely find in movies of a similar ilk, and that’s a good performance. Somehow, whilst there is no doubt this is as corny as they come, she proves that she was always a decent actress and keeps her character realistic rather than a Christmas caricature. Plus Chord Overstreet is seemingly the perfect scene partner, which is showcased perfectly during the delightful blooper reel at the end of the film.

Falling for Christmas is far from the perfect movie, don’t get it twisted. It is so polished and glitzy and shiny for instance (although that’s not necessarily always a bad thing) that it does suck a little bit of the soul out of things. Despite that, by the film’s conclusion, everything is so heart-warming and full of Christmas spirit that you’ll fall into that warm, fuzzy feeling regardless, so it’s hard to take too much negativity away from it. Is it brilliant beyond belief? No. But will you regret watching it? Absolutely not.

All in all, if you didn’t like this movie then maybe you’re just allergic to joy. Although it’s a tad overlong and you probably won’t be sticking it on your annual Christmas re-watch list, Lohan’s return to form is admirable and a nice, festive watch from start to finish.

Falling for Christmas is available to stream on Netlflix (from today!) in the UK.

TQR Category Ratings:

Costume & Set Design: 
Overall Enjoyability Rating: ½


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