Movie #6 2020: Fighting With My Family (2019)

I’ll start this off by posing one question: what can’t Florence Pugh do?

Although I’m yet to see her in Little Women, her performance in Fighting With My Family is so far removed from her venture to Midsommar it’s insane. Not only that, but she’s also slated to appear in the upcoming MCU blockbuster Black Widow, so you know she must be doing something right. And long may she reign.

FWMF is one that I found myself strangely intrigued by, even though I have little to no interest in wrestling and/or WWE. Maybe I do have a vague love for Dwayne Johnson, but I was not as compelled to watch Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle as I was this.

If you know me, you probably know that I’m getting just a liiiiittle sick of movies based on real life. But at least this one was original and uplifting. So many “based on true events” movies are made because they have some profound, deeply depressing story to tell, so it was really a breath of fresh air to watch this.

What’s also nice to see is a blockbuster movie based in England that isn’t set in either London, or filled with period drama characters who say weird things like “tally ho!” and “‘ello Guv’nor!” (I have nothing against London, but I have everything against non-Brits who think anyone says either of those phrases). FWMF is set in Norwich, which is a place most non-Brits won’t have even heard of. I am positive that the only things that have ever happened in Norwich are that one time Delia Smith took to the mic at Carrow Road when she was absolutely off her trolley, and this time round when a young girl gets into the WWE. Other than that, I’m convinced that Norwich lies dormant until Hollywood wants to make a movie about it.

What I’m trying to say is this: I enjoyed it! It’s not a movie to be taken too seriously, and it’s just one of those things you should take at face value; a real, feel-good, family movie.

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