Movie #7 2020: Lady Bird (2017)

Lucas Hedges as Danny and Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird

Do you ever have that weird thing with a movie when it gets released and you just have no desire whatsoever to see it? That was my relationship with this movie when it first came out.

Somewhere through the grapevine I’d heard it was slow and depressing… so it’s weird that I didn’t want to watch it because that usually sounds like exactly the sort of film I’m into.

Either way, whoever said that was wrong. So so very wrong.

If you think Lady Bird is depressing, then you’re probably not looking at it in the right way.

This is a movie filled with love, understanding, and the crazy journey you go through as a teenager. To me, it felt like a sort of predecessor to Olivia Wilde‘s Book Smart, albeit the latter being much more of a comedy. What I’m saying is, Lady Bird walked so Book Smart could run.

Directed by the marvellous Greta Gerwig, the MVPs of this film are easily Beanie Feldstein (playing best friend Julie) and the absolutely wonderful Laurie Metcalf, who delivers a powerhouse of a performance as Lady Bird’s mother.

One main theme here is the relationship between a teenage daughter and her parents; I actually found myself mostly sympathising with Metcalf’s mother which proves but one thing: I am old.

I can’t review this film without talking about it’s stunning cinematography. Although it wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award in this category, much of this film is so beautiful to look at. It turns what would be a boring, “soulless” city (as Lady Bird herself describes it), into Costa del Sacramento. It made me want to live in it, that’s how pretty it was. Upon further research, I realised that the cinematographer for this movie was Sam Levy, who also worked on Frances Ha alongside Gerwig and Noah Baumbach; another movie I really loved. He’s someone I’ll be looking out for in future after watching this one.

This is a movie I’d recommend to everyone. It is insanely touching, and the scenes containing Lady Bird and her mother in the car are the scenes that will really stick with me for a long time.

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