Movie #18 2020: Escape Room (2019)

Deborah Ann Woll as Amanda

Last year I tried to watch this movie and accidentally watched the absolute shit show that was Escape Room (2017). In short, I enjoyed this a lot more than I should have purely because it wasn’t THIS piece of garbage. (Please note that there was another movie under the same name in 2017 starring Skeet Ulrich, but I haven’t seen that one so I can’t comment).

Anyway, the 2019 voyage into an Escape Room was a pleasant surprise!

This is a fun movie. Well, as fun as a movie can be when it entails kids drowning under solid sheets of ice and women falling to their death down the centre of a skyscraper.

Clearly taking inspiration from the Final Destination and Saw franchises, this is a low budget indie horror that is actually pretty successful! In fact, this movie managed to make a profit of $146 million in box office sales alone, which is pretty decent for something I didn’t even see advertised in the UK, so there’s no surprise there’s a sequel in the works.

Although there are similarities to the aforementioned franchises, Escape Room manages to be somewhat original and innovative in the plot twists it uncovers. There’s a scene where Deborah Ann Woll hangs from a pool table in an upside down room… and yep, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

No, this movie isn’t winning any awards. It’s not as good as the first Saw movie, nor is it as good as the first TWO Final Destination movies. But still, if you have an hour or two to kill, this is something that will keep you entertained for it’s duration. I’m sure watching Escape Room around Halloween wouldn’t leave you disappointed either.

Words of advice? Don’t take this too seriously. Don’t expect to be blown away. The ending was pretty bad too, but the end credits were some of the best I’ve seen. It’s worth a watch!

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