Movie #48 2020: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

What’s more unrealistic than an average white guy randomly gaining super fighting skills and being tasked with physically taking out his girlfriend’s exes? Michael Cera ever having a chance with any single one of the women he dates in this movie. That’s not a joke, that’s a fact.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, as you will probably already know, is based on the graphic novel series of the same name. I genuinely didn’t even know what a graphic novel was until about five years ago, so of course I haven’t read them. However, I’d imagine that their plots do not take as long to get going as this movie’s did. The story-boarding could probably have been dealt with a little better during the first half and was a little all over the place, but they managed to iron out a few creases as we limp towards the middle of the film. After that, there is a clear cut, concise and well-edited plot line which is commendable. It’s just that it takes too long to get to that point, and that’s where its downfall lies.

What I appreciated most is that this movie is unapologetically Canadian. There’s none of the ”filmed in Canada but we’ll pretend it’s the USA”. There’s no ”we’ll let you see the CN Tower in the background, but we will ultimately pretend it wasn’t there and never refer to anything Canadian”. Here, some of the dialogue is literally about being Canadian, and as someone with a fondness for Toronto, it was really nice to see the streets of the city on full display.

Other plus points include the use of Batman-esque graphics in the background: as an ode to the movie’s days as a graphic novel, this facet of the movie works particularly well in keeping it different to other superhero or ”teen” movies of a similar nature.

Pretty much all of the cast are brilliant too. There’s not one miscast throughout the entire ensemble, which is no easy feat when dealing with a cast of this size. Some of the jokes are decent (my favourite being the Seinfeld gag), but it wasn’t laugh out loud funny.

Once again, this a movie that is fun enough to pass the time, but I won’t think about it much again. Seems I’m on quite the average movie streak.

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