Movie #49 2020: Inside Out (2015)

**For the purpose of the lockdown that is occurring in the UK right now, I will include a list of UK streaming services where you can see said film at the end of the post (if available). Information is correct at the time of the post’s publication.**

I know I said this about the last movie I reviewed (Scott Pilgrim), but I simply cannot review Inside Out without re-iterating this fact: every casting choice here is perfect.

You have Amy Poehler as the suitably perky lead character ”Joy”, the legendary Phyllis Smith as dreary, comedy-gold ”Sadness”, not to mention Bill Hader as the aptly blithering emotion ”Fear”… throw in a smattering of Mindy Kaling and a dash of Rashida Jones and you are absolutely golden. The casting directors completely smashed this one out of the god damn park.

Storytelling is a prime focus here, and the film’s difficult subject gives you the feeling that this is one of the few animated movies that is truly made for adults and children. Most Western animations simply throw in a few adult-themed jokes that would go completely over a child’s head, but because the message within Inside Out is so poignant and important in the real world, this is an animated movie that is so different. This is a children’s movie on the surface, yes, but unlike other Pixar features, Inside Out is more profound, complex, and intricate.

What’s more is, aside from being touching and focused, Inside Out is completely hysterical. There are a few scenes in which you get to see what the emotions of other characters look like and how they act; the sequences entailing the Mother and Father’s thoughts are comedy brilliance in particular.

I’m a very big fan of story boarding and plot links, and this is a movie that gets it spot on. Every little plot point and plot twist has a purpose, and the writers manage to create a scripted ‘map’ almost, in which everything is connected.

This is certainly the best animated movie I’ve seen for some time. In fact, I plan on watching Pixar-newcomer Onward later today, and I just can’t imagine that it can top this.

Inside Out is available on Sky Cinema, NowTV, and Disney+ in the UK.

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