Movie #50 2020: Hail Satan? (2019)

Wow, have I really never reviewed a documentary on TQR before? Let’s commemorate the 50th post and change that then!

From the get go, Hail Satan is one wild ride. Only a few minutes in, we see one of the followers of the Satanic Temple put his entire penis on the gravestone of a former Westboro Baptist Church member. If that’s not wild enough for you, it only gets wilder.

It’s clear to see why devout Christians would be angry and offended by this documentary. I’d wager that most Christians who started this however would have turned it off within the first fifteen minutes, therefore missing out on the full message that this documentary puts forward. Yes, it is extremely controversial, but anyone who has enough intelligence just to listen to what these people are saying can understand where they are coming from, even if they disagree with their views.

My personal opinion on the Satanic Temple? Well, I’m not about to go and join their cause, but underneath the leather, pentagram tattoos and fancy dress-style goat horns, there are some extremely smart people amongst them. More power to them for challenging and criticising singular Western religion and promoting spiritual diversity. Furthermore, if they want to continue the way they taint the campaigns of possible future Tea Party senators, I say ”so be it”. What the USA needs less of is more of those assholes.

As a sidebar, it’s worth noting that all of the violent ‘people’ in this documentary are those who worship ‘God’. Imagine if, for once, they listened to and accepted other people’s views without going against everything they supposedly believe and resorting to violence. It gets so bad at one point that some members of the Temple have to wear bulletproof vests to their rallies. Know which group don’t have to wear such things? Christians.

Looking at Hail Satan from a technical perspective, it is quite a good documentary. It is well laid out, informative, and eye-opening; pretty much everything you want from a feature length documentary.

Where it could be improved is within the way in which it explains some of the points it is trying to get across. As I previously mentioned, you have to have a small degree of intelligence to really understand the purpose of it, so some viewers may not get the total picture. That’s not to say it should be ”dumbed down” at all, but there could be a more comprehensive explanation of some points.

Hail Satan? is available on Netflix UK.

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