Movie #78 2020: Paddington 2 (2017)

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Or at least you will be once you’ve watched the epic that is Paddington 2.

Fortunately, this is a sequel that doesn’t disappoint. If anything, it’s even better than the first movie (click HERE if you missed the review!)

Why do I make such an assertion? If you remember, I completely raved about the animation in the franchise’s freshman feature. Well if that was good, then this is outstanding. The fact that the Oscars didn’t give this movie a single nod is an absolutely travesty. Personally, it would have at least been on my ballot for the 2018 ceremony, even if I do agree that the Best Animated Feature Film that year deservedly went to Disney’s Coco. In Paddington 2, the sequences that specifically stand out are that of the scenes in the barber shop, and a stunning piece set underwater. Take at look at either of those snippets and it will only leave you wondering how it wasn’t even recognised.

As with the first movie, the casting choices were brilliant once again. The use of Joanna Lumley, albeit in a small role, was a piece of perfect casting akin to Pam Ferris as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda. Certain roles were made for certain actors, and this is one of them.

You could pretty much watch this back-to-back with the original movie and it would just seem like one big long film. The emotional, heart-warming nature of it shines through in equal measure, and the ending specifically gave me one of the happiest, most delightful movie experiences so far this year.

The plot – again! – is spot on too. Everything is interwoven, has meaning, and the whole story comes full circle by the climax of the movie, just as its precursor did. I loved it.

If anything, I’m even more excited for Paddington 3 than I was before.

Paddington 2 is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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