Movie #303 2020: The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

Huzzah! A sequel! Yes, I watched this as a double bill with the first instalment. Why the fuck not?

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is the second part of the teen horror comedy saga, and honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if it becomes a trilogy in the near future. We re-join pretty much the exact same cast, plus one or two new additions. Though Samara Weaving takes a backseat as Judah Lewis‘ Cole is now all grown up, the vibe is the same. This time, there’s a new bad guy. Those who died in the previous movie return – but I won’t spoil how that’s possible here – and Cole is once again forced to fight yet another demonic cult.

From the onset, the pacing of this sequel is all over the place. The recap of its predecessor should have been cut in half, but at least it stays true to its roots of horror comedy throughout. Truly brilliant movies don’t really need to recap the previous movie at all, truth be told, but whatever. I’ll give this one a pass because the tone is just as exciting.

Not sure what it is, but this one feels like it’s trying too hard. Maybe it’s Bella Thorne’s appalling attempt to be over the top or maybe it’s because it’s obvious they were asked to make this by Netflix so had to force a script together. Either way, it’s evident that the original is superior even before the half way point.

The presence of Samara Weaving is sorely missed in this film, but the addition of Jenna Ortega is nice at least. The rest of the cast are as adequate as they were previously too, although Andrew Bachelor manages to stand out amongst the rough.

What this does have is a killer soundtrack. White Rabbit? Black Velvet? Two of the greatest songs of all time in one movie? Nailed it, McG.

As for the rest of the plot, the onslaught of violence here is kind of off-putting. The amount of gore isn’t particularly terrible, but the pacing of it is. It basically runs at 100mph and then runs out of characters to kill, rendering the latter half of the movie a little bit of a snooze fest with the main characters camping in a mountainous cave until the conclusion. Big ‘meh’ in that regard.

Fairly entertaining nonsense I suppose, just not as entertaining as the first one. However, if you’re in need of a little bit of mind-numbing fun, these movies aren’t a bad double feature to opt for.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen is available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

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