Movie #304 2020: Devil (2010)

I’m not exactly sure why, but Devil is one of those movies I’ve always wanted to watch but never got round to. This October that all changed.

Devil is a single-location movie that takes place almost entirely in an elevator in a huge skyscraper. What makes it a horror movie? Well, the five strangers trapped in there start being picked off (very gruesomely) one by one. Although it’s not clear at first, the people inside the elevator slowly realise that one of the inhabitants has become possessed by the devil himself, and it’s their job to figure out which one of them it is. A crew of police detectives and the buildings’ security guards can do nothing but watch on in horror via the single CCTV camera located in the corner of the box (see photo above.)

I won’t lie, I had the devil pegged after the first 15 minutes but that’s not to say everyone will. Regardless of that, this movie turned out to be much more than just figuring out who it was. The plot twist? Not gob-smackingly thrilling, but it’s not something you will see coming, so it does the job. 

You may have noticed that I keep inadvertently watching Logan Marshall-Green movies, and once again he was brilliant in this. To be fair, all of the cast do a nice job both within and outside of the elevator’s mirrored walls. There’s a real danger with a premise such as this for the performances to become corny and unrealistic, so it’s a testament to these actors that they manage to keep things very true to life despite being led by a supernatural universe.

How do you even categorise this movie? I certainly thought it would be more of a horror/thriller type shindig, but it definitely falls more into the mystery category and that was actually quite a nice surprise. Tonally, it’s creepy and full of enigma, even if it does feel more like a 1999 movie than a 2010 movie.

For the most part the movie is paced pretty well, but there’s a dip in the middle that isn’t the most exciting 20 minutes of footage you’ll ever watch. Despite that, there is enough intrigue here to foster focus throughout, even when mildly tedious.

Not bad for a movie that’s mostly set in one location. Is it the best movie in the world? Nah. But it is an enjoyable – and not too long! – ride.

Devil is available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

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