Movie #331 2020: Click (2006)

What’s that? Adam Sandler again? Yep. Sorry in advance.

Click is one of those mid-level Sandler movies that has a pretty unique concept but isn’t quite upper tier Uncut Gems Sandler. At the same time, it’s not quite as dire as Hubie Halloween. You get me? The movie centres on a businessman who is so obsessed with his work that he barely has time for his family. After an argument with his wife (Kate Beckinsale), Sandler’s Michael takes a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond in order to catch a break and some well-deserved alone time. Whilst there, a mad scientist type escorts him into a back room and provides him with a magic remote control. With the remote, he can pause, fast forward and rewind time at his disposable. Michael thinks all of his problems are solved… until the remote gains a mind of its own.

First off, I know what you’re thinking. Kate Beckinsale? Married to Adam Sandler? Yeah, seems legit… As always, Sandler’s love interest is played by someone way above his pay grade, but go figure. A man directed this movie.

Alongside that particularly questionable piece of casting, Sandler traps a great cast into the cage of a pretty average movie. Rachel DratchJennifer CoolidgeChristopher Walken, even a baby Cameron Monaghan all star, making light of the situation they’re in. So at least there’s one or two good gags to keep it entertaining from some acting and comedy legends.

I’ll be honest: a magical remote control is a pretty fun premise and something we’ve all probably wished we had at some point in time, but it does get a bit boring and predictable after a while. Just a little more originality and pace would bump up the rating instantly, as the whole thing sadly gets sucked into several unnecessary tangents along the way.

What’s easier to appreciate is the It’s A Wonderful Life vibe of it all, even if it’s clearly nowhere near that level of greatness. The attempt to make this a moral story about values and family is – albeit comedic – there at least. Again though, the way that this slapstick comedy turns swiftly into an Aesop Fable is extremely predictable, and a more creatively planned ending would not go amiss.

All is not lost, however. For the most part, this movie is a pretty fun time. But the best part? The soundtrack. Not only does it get bonus points for The Cranberries, but The Kinks, Tears For Fears and Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra show up to the party as well. If nothing else, this movie makes for a pretty good base for a playlist.

After about an hour – despite a ridiculously stellar soundtrack – it just gets tedious and directionless. I didn’t need an entire 30 minutes of Adam Sandler in old age make up, for instance. By no means his best movie, but certainly not as bad as Hubie Halloween. But what is?

Click is available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

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