Movie #144 2021: Friendsgiving (2020)

Okay, listen. This movie has Kat Dennings, Aisha Tyler, Wanda Sykes, Chelsea Perretti, Fortune Feimster, Margaret Cho… If there was a dream, all-female comedy cast, that sounds pretty close, right? I mean, what more motivation would you even need to watch a movie? I’m sure you’ll understand why I did, at least.

Never before have I been so disappointed with a movie.

On paper, it sounds great. The plot, however, leaves a lot to be desired. It mostly revolves around divorcee Molly (Malin Åkerman) and her lesbian best friend Abby (Dennings), who originally plan to have a small, sweet Thanksgiving with just the two of them. It then descends into chaos and they end up having all of their friends, neighbours and children over and a bunch of different wild shenanigans unfold.

Friendsgiving' Review: A Thanksgiving Buffet With No Main Course - Variety

A movie with a plot that is literally about… friends spending thanksgiving together? Not the most thrilling story idea I’ve ever heard, but it’s adequate background noise at the very least. 

There are a lot of subpar elements within Friendsgiving (which is blandly titled Dinner With Friends in the US). However, here’s the worst thing about this movie: we finally get Kat Dennings as a queer woman… and she gets fuck all to do in this movie other than mope around crying about her breakup. Thankfully any time Dennings speaks she’s hilarious, so the few laughs you actually muster up come mostly with thanks to her. 

Friendsgiving' Review – The Hollywood Reporter

There are other highlights within the cast, which is the reason I decided on watching this movie in the first place. Though the script is painfully poor, Aisha Tyler is excellent (duh), and Chelsea Peretti makes even her role (tiny though it may be) hilarious. Throw in cameos from Wanda SykesFortune Feimster and Margaret Cho and yeah, you can’t fault the casting at all for this mess. So it turns out, the reason I came here in the first place didn’t actually let me down.

Anyway, back to the plot. Or rather, what plot? Though it seems like everyone involved had an absolute blast making it, there was just no point to this movie whatsoever. It played out more like an episode of an average TV sitcom and there was not enough material to fill its 95 minute run time. Honestly it reads like Ben Stiller and his production company had a bunch of spare money so gave it to their filmmaker pal to throw it away. 

The 1.5 stars I’m giving this is purely for the cast and the fun soundtrack. I’ll forget it even exists by tomorrow and I’d suggest you avoid it.

I do wish Aisha Tyler was my friend now though 🤷🏻‍♀️

Friendsgiving is available to stream on Netflix in the UK.

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Costume & Set Design: 
Overall Rating: ½

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