Movie #155 2021: Finding Dory (2016)

What’s that? Another Pixar sequel? Yeah, and what? Critics and average movie goers alike are pretty much in agreement that Finding Dory isn’t quite as good as Finding Nemo, but you know what? It was certainly better than I was expecting.

By the look of it, Finding Dory seems to take place not too long after the events of Finding Nemo. Dory reunites with Nemo and his dad Marlin, who agree to help her find her parents. Through a series of flashbacks, she pieces together some clues as to where they might be, but of course, it doesn’t go quite as smoothly as planned and she ends up in an aquatic animal rescue centre. Making friends along the way, Dory’s long-term memory assist her where her short-term memory fails, and with some help, she dodges many perilous situations in order to find her original home.

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“Hello. I’m Sigourney Weaver.” <— the point where I became truly on board with Finding Dory. I won’t elaborate too much, but it’s a cracking piece of comedy that you have to see to really appreciate.

I couldn’t possibly review this without first mentioning how much improved the animation is. Finding Nemo is still perfectly watchable and very impressive for 2003, but 13 years on, everything looks even better in Pixar’s 2016 effort. The vibrancy, the detail, the way the characters move (specifically Hank the Octopus); it’s all brilliant. For this to be anywhere near as good as its predecessor, the animation had to be even better, and it hits the nail on the head in that regard. 

Finding Dory' Producer Shares Why Disney Parks Fans Will Love The Film |  Disney Parks Blog

So the story itself isn’t all that complicated or exciting – it’s literally a film about Dory trying to find her long lost parents – and it’s not as tightly constructed as the previous movie. However, some of the gags are just great. The script itself definitely has some more “niche” jokes and a lot more puns, probably to cater to an adult audience more than Nemo did. To be honest, I actually found this the funnier of the two films, but that might be because it’s not obsessively over-quoted by everyone on the planet, so the jokes were much more fresh.

Whether or not Ellen DeGeneres is a dick in real life, it’s impossible to say she’s not excellent as the voice of Dory. The whole cast is star-studded in fact, and each of them prove they have comedy expertise here. A special shout out is definitely due for Ed O’Neill as Hank, who is possibly the most memorable character of the lot. Hiring a bunch of comedians was definitely the right way to go about things.

*SPOILERS, I GUESS*: The fact that the characters go to all this trouble when the Marine Centre was going to release them to the ocean anyway is so funny to me. Anyway, despite it not being quite as memorable (ha) as Finding Nemo, it’s a technically stunning film that probably deserves more credit than it gets.

Finding Dory is available to stream on Disney+ in the UK.

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