Movie #66 2022: Nope (2022)

Isn’t it so satisfying when a horror movie is well made? Although Jordan Peele‘s third feature film isn’t quite a horror, his debut trio of movies are such a success that they all feel satisfying in their own way.

Nope is a little bit more of a science fiction thriller type movie, but it’s so full of mystery and enigma that it’s hard to describe without completely spoiling it. So all I can really say is that it once again stars Daniel Kaluuya in the lead role as a horse trainer who’s in the movie business. When his father inexplicably dies when objects begin to fall from the sky, Kaluuya’s OJ and his sister Em (Keke Palmer) make a shocking discovery.

That is honestly all I can say to avoid spoilers. And even that is pushing it. But while we’re here, let me just shout this at the top of my voice: YOU MUST SEE THIS IN THE CINEMA, MY DUDE. 

With Get Out and Us being some of the best horror movies this century, we all know that Jordan Peele has a lot to live up to. There’s no use waxing lyrical about his back catalogue at this point, because almost everyone is on the same page in terms of his prowess. All I’ll say is: Nope fits snugly into the Peele directory with pizzazz and aplomb. 

One of the most original and interesting things Nope does is walk a fine line between horror and comedy, yet it never gets stupid. Keke Palmer especially excels in that regard, proving that she can handle both genres with ease. With Daniel Kaluuya (and his talented eyes, which seem to have a mind of their own) also at the helm, there’s no way you can criticise performance here. 

Now onto the main reasons you should see this in cinemas rather than at home. Firstly, the sound mixing is only something that you’ll truly appreciate with booming Dolby speakers. Secondly, Nope is a film you must pay attention to from start to finish. If you miss even a few minutes here and there, there’s no way you’ll fully appreciate the talent on show. Thirdly, visually this is unlike any other horror film you’ve ever seen – it reminded me more of sci-fi flicks like Arrival than your usual spooky dooky. Pay. Attention. 

The only downside with Peele’s third outing is that it’s a tad longer than it needs to be. Though never boring, there’s just a sense that certain scenes could have been cut. Regardless, I’m super glad to be in Toronto so I could see this before the UK release!

Nope is now screening in most UK cinemas.

TQR Category Ratings:

Costume & Set Design: 
Overall Enjoyability Rating: ½


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