Movie #174 2021: A Quiet Place Part II (2020)

Yesssss, I finally got round to it! In fact, I chose A Quiet Place Part II as my birthday movie, as in, out of all the new releases, this is the one I chose to celebrate my birthday with. As a fan of the first film, I was worried about whether or not this would match my expectations. So let’s see how we went…

Just in case you’ve not seen the first film, A Quiet Place is set in a world in which some weird alien life forms have infiltrated the Earth. The kicker? These alien demon things are completely blind, but have the most insanely acute hearing. As a result, humans have retreated to underground bunkers and the like, where they must keep perfectly silent to avoid detection. After a family death in the initial film, The Abbotts return to show us how they are coping with a man down. In the sequel, the main focus is on the family’s deaf daughter, Regan, who is convinced she can help her remaining family members to escape to a much more peaceful life on an island off-shore where the creatures are yet to terrorise.

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Millicent Simmonds? More like Magnificent Simmonds ✨ Honestly, all of the buzz around her performance in this is completely warranted and I’d love to see her in more movies in the future. Though her performance is excellent here, her screen time is actually quite limited, which was unexpected. Nevertheless, her acting her phenomenal.

Oh, John Krasinski. You beautiful, talented mother fucker. I feel so proud of you and how far you’ve come. Yes, this makes me sound like I know you personally, but truthfully, I feel like we’re friends if not strong acquaintances by this point. The world is begging you to make more movies, and by “the world” I mean me. 

A Quiet Place Part II stars say Millicent Simmonds is the horror sequel's  real hero

I can’t really say if I enjoyed this one more than the last, as I’m probably the only one to who didn’t re-watch A Quiet Place before going to see Part II. However, I can say that I was incredibly impressed by the outstanding sound design and the well constructed score this time round. Marco Beltrami (Scream, Ford v. Ferrari, Logan) helms the musical side of the film, and it’s genuinely as if he’s composed his music as if it was an extra character in and of itself. It’s remarkably well done and it’s no surprise, since Beltrami’s other work is always so admirable.

The story itself is a little thin in my opinion, but the suspense levels are out of this world. So much intensity was achieved and I certainly felt myself put my hand over my mouth several times, willing each character to SHUT THE FUCK UP. (If you know, you know.) It’s all very well done in that regard, and the point of this movie was clearly not to be scary, but to amp up that “edge of your seat” feeling that we’ve so missed what with cinemas being closed for so long. 

Many have praised Simmonds performance here (myself included), and she is wonderful, it’s true. However, I can’t help but feel that Emily Blunt hasn’t received enough recognition for her work here; her performance is nuanced and no nonsense all at the same time. As it always is. She’s definitely becoming one of my favourite actresses, purely for the fact that she can literally do anything. One minute she’s Mary Poppins, the next she’s the matriarch of this petrified family as they fight for their lives. She’s just bloody excellent.

Anyway, my dear friend, John. I chose to see your movie. On my BIRTHDAY, no less. And whilst it wasn’t the most memorable thing I’ve seen this year, I’m glad I made that choice. An excellent continuation of an already unique concept. You’re welcome.

A Quiet Place Part II is currently showing in all good UK cinemas.

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