Movie #173 2021: Justice League (2017)

Deary, deary me. I just let out an audible sigh. Alone, in my living room. That’s how I feel about Justice League without even saying a single word. Unfortunately for me, I pledged to watch the entire DCEU (other than the movies I’d already seen) from the start, and this was next on the list. After Suicide Squad, it was so tempting to give up. But I pulled through.

Justice League (the original theatrical cut, not to be confused with the Snyder cut) is exactly what it says on the tin: all of your favourite DC comic book heroes banding together in an attempt to save the world from destruction. Does that… sound familiar at all? With an untimely death being the conclusion of Batman v Superman, that also plays a pretty big part. However, it would be impossible to describe that here without splashing spoilers about, so… Go watch BvS… if you dare.

Zack Snyder Revealed The Snyder Cut's Version Of Steppenwolf, And It's  Glorious - CINEMABLEND

Imagine trying to make Avengers Assemble before you’d introduced Thor as a character. Yeah, that’s Justice League. And no, a blurry video cameo of Aquaman in Batman v Superman does not count as an “introduction”. Even Black Widow played a hefty part in Iron Man 2 before they inserted her into the ‘bigger picture’, but don’t expect any of that with these characters. It’s definitely a case of the greedy studio pushing for another blockbuster at hyper-speed just to make the big bucks, and unfortunately, it’s glaringly obvious.

I have to say, I think Justice League gets off to a decent start. The first 30 minutes are quite fun in all honesty; Wonder Woman stopping a bomb in central London, Bruce Wayne attempting to recruit Arthur Curry, the very presence of Joe Morton and Jeremy Irons…all great, high octane stuff. After that, it all gets terribly tedious and dull. 

Justice League (2017) | DC

More than anything else, it feels as though there was a missed opportunity here with the main villain. Steppenwolf had so much potential to be badass, but bad CGI paired with a boring as sin character arc really put a dampener on the impact he could have had. In fact, the entire story is poorly written and extremely disorganised – way too many plot threads and not enough memorable dialogue. Meh. 

Surprisingly, the cast do quite well amongst the mess and the chaos. As much as Gal Gadot’s political and moral opinions are abhorrent, you have to admit she’s the embodiment of Diana. Ben Affleck tries his absolute hardest to be the lynchpin of the group, and will someone for the love of GOD help Amy Adams?! Something needs to be done about these big studio blockbusters wasting her talent like this. Give me a Lois Lane spin-off.

On the whole, I can see why everyone hates Justice League so much. It’s unfocused, has no clear vision, and has way too much talking versus not enough action. Yet even with all these misgivings, it’s nowhere near as bad as Suicide Squad.

Justice League is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

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