Movie #199 2021: The Suicide Squad (2021)

You may remember that I did not enjoy 2016’s Suicide Squad. I mean, did anyone? Aside from Margot Robbie becoming a fan favourite, that movie brought us literally nothing new. It was slow, confusing, pointless and barely even entertaining. So when they announced The Suicide Squad, I was not all that excited. And then the reviews came out. I just had to see it for myself.

The Suicide Squad is a complete overhaul of this faction of the DCEU and it is – according to director James Gunnnot a sequel. In fact, Gunn promised us that this was a pure reboot, albeit only being released five years on from the original. Thankfully, he makes good on that promise. The squad return to our screens, but this time the focus is mostly on a different bunch of characters. Their mission? To infiltrate a secret organisation on the fictional island of Corto Maltese and stop something comedically known as “Project Starfish”. And trust me, it’s quite the doozy.

Why 'The Suicide Squad' is not a sequel, according to James Gunn and Joel  Kinnaman – Daily News

Let’s begin with a few standout moment (yes, there are standout moments!): Harley’s fight sequence, the standalone shot of King Shark ripping a man in half in slow motion, the final battle. No spoilers, so I won’t go into these things, but each one is the perfect balance of action, comedy, fun and entertainment.

Before I continue with the praise however, I must say something. Just because the other Suicide Squad was a sack of shit, it doesn’t mean this one is a five star film. It’s not. It’s a little bit long, some of the plot is awfully baffling, there were jokes that just didn’t land (not a single person in the cinema laughed at one or two of the gags)… and yet, there is a LOT to like here. 

10 Best Editing Decisions In The Suicide Squad | ScreenRant

What James Gunn brought to this revamped DC franchise is undoubtedly some much needed humour. There were some Guardians of the Galaxy-esque moments that really made this what the Suicide Squad was always meant to be: fun, ridiculous and over the top. The running joke about Polka Dot Man’s mother was simply top notch (see above for a hint) and there were some brilliant one liners amongst the chaos. This is simply very well done on the dialogue front. 

Mainly, I had a lot of fun with the fight sequences and the special effects. Most of this movie was a visual feast, and it’s rare for me to say that I wasn’t willing it to go faster at any point. Yes, there were parts that could have been cut, but even those scenes were entertaining at the very least. 

This time, they truly got the casting right. Bringing back the two best actors from the other movie (Margot Robbie and Viola Davis of course) was the right move, Idris Elba was solid, and Stallone was a stand out even though you never saw his face. The only blip for me was John Cena. I mean, I get why they chose him, but for the most part I just found him to be trying too hard. You are not Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Sorry. 

Anyway, what a vast improvement – I can see why this is doing so well ratings-wise. They definitely redeemed this whole premise for me here and this may be one of my new favourite DC movies.

The Suicide Squad is currently screening in most UK cinemas.

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