Movie #147 2021: Suicide Squad (2016)

It’s times like these that make me question why I committed to watching all of the DCEU. Thankfully, I expected very little of Suicide Squad in the first place, unlike the poor folk who paid good money to see it in the cinema.

You probably know the drill to be honest, but I’ll give you a brief synopsis anyway. The “worst heroes ever” a.k.a. a bunch of anti-heroes including Harley Quinn and The Joker band together in a bid to get each of their prison sentences reduced by fighting crime for the US government. That’s it, to be honest. There’s nothing outstanding or out-of-the-ordinary about the story itself, so don’t try to look too hard for it.

Margot Robbie and More Suicide Squad Stars Returning for James Gunn Sequel  | Vanity Fair

In short: this movie gave me whiplash. It goes back and forth with no regard for its audience continuously for two hours and then it ends. Unceremoniously. Genuinely, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going half the time.

Everyone notoriously hates Suicide Squad. Everybody knows that. Where it immediately goes wrong is by rushing the introduction of these characters. Viola Davis (who is still 10/10, even in this mess) takes us on a whistle stop tour of all the villains with such pace that it doesn’t give the audience a chance to care about any of them. Perhaps this is the fault of Warner Brothers though – it feels like this movie should have come out later on in the DCEU timeline, so it never quite clicks. Why rush to get your Avengers Assemble out when we don’t give a toss?

Batman Makes a Splash in New 'Suicide Squad' Trailer

Upon research, it’s easy to find out that the writing of the screenplay was rushed. Poor David Ayer was given SIX WEEKS to write this? It’s taken me longer to write emails. Anyway, it’s never been more clear that a script was put together so hastily and I don’t even think you can blame Ayer for that. The fact that the film also had several editors obviously didn’t help either because the entire thing is incoherent and tonally all over the place. It’s such a shame because many of these characters could be super interesting, but only Margot Robbie ends up coming out unscathed as a result.

Whilst we’re on the topic of Robbie, she’s the embodiment of Harley and the best piece of casting here. Anyone with eyes will attest to that. In other news, Will Smith is surprisingly a huge let down, Viola Davis can do no wrong so that was a win-win situation anyway, Cara Delevingne is… fine. I won’t even mention J*red L*to. It feels like they forced The Joker character into the storyline for no reason at all. Everyone else? They get so little to do that they might as well have not turned up. A shame, because I quite liked El Diablo even though I barely saw him.

Aside from Davis and Robbie, the only other redeeming features are the popular music soundtrack and one or two decent fight sequences. A pure waste of time and money – don’t even bother watching it unless you’re attempting a full watch of the DCEU (like me, sadly). Hopefully The Suicide Squad is better.

Suicide Squad is available to rent on most platforms for £3.49 in the UK.

TQR Category Ratings:

Costume & Set Design: 
Plot: ½
Overall Rating: ½


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